Instantpadel delivers another world first by unveiling first ever court flooring to cater for both padel and pickleball


Innovative Swedish company, which has introduced padel to some of the world’s most iconic locations. 

Pickleball Performance Tile by Versacourt, will be a game-changer for multi-racket sport clubs and facilities who want to drive global growth of both sports.

March 4, 2024, Stockholm, Sweden: The pioneering mobile padel court company Instantpadel has today, alongside its exclusive flooring partner Versacourt, launched the world’s first dual padel and pickleball court surface, named Versacourt Pickleball Performance Tile, paving the way for a revolution for how the sports can coexist, particularly in the U.S. where pickleball is played by over 36.5 million people. 

With a pickleball court measuring 6m x 13m and a padel court measuring 10m x 20m, pickleball can easily be played within the enclosed padel court area. The unique Versacourt Pickleball Performance Tile surface can be installed by clubs and facilities seeking to provide padel and pickleball to their players, without the significant cost of building separate courts for both sports – marking a potentially transformative moment for the racket sport sector.

This is the first time a court floor has been manufactured to meet the specifications for both pickleball and padel, symbolising a game changing opportunity for the growing number of multi-racket sport venues that are opening in North America and worldwide to cater for the boom in racket sports. 

Instantpadel Co-Founder & CEO, Christoffer Granfelt said: “The arrival of this world unique playing surface that caters for both padel and pickleball is a transformative moment for racket sports clubs and operators. The business opportunity to bring pickleball and padel onto the same playing surface and within the same court space aligns perfectly with the many multi-racket sport clubs that are considering how best to implement both sports into their offering at low risk.

“In the U.S. especially, there are many new padel operators who want to provide pickleball as an entry point to players, given the greater knowledge of the sport amongst the American public. This innovative flooring allows operators an opportunity to introduce padel all the while respecting the popularity and draw of pickleball to their players. This solution allows operators to take the less risky option for their venues, all the while saving costs and providing the perfect platform to maximise the number of players that want to try both sports. This is a win win solution that can benefit private clubs and public facilities across the U.S. and worldwide.”

Versacourt Vice President of Sales, Josh Nelson said: “We are delighted to partner with Instapadel on this new venture to bring to market Pickleball Performance Tile. We have the opportunity to transform the racket sport club sector, by lowering the barrier for operators who want to attract padel and pickleball players to their facilities. Furthermore, this unique multi sport surface will undoubtedly result in more players crossing the divide between padel and pickleball and getting to enjoy both sports. This is an ideal solution for the average racquet sport enthusiast.” 

Instantpadel has made its name as an innovative enabler of padel since its launch in 2021. The company has popularised the world’s fastest-growing sport by introducing the first world unique, modular mobile padel court that doesn’t require any groundwork – providing an attractive alternative to costly permanent court constructions that are often time consuming and complex to bring to fruition. The pioneering Swedish company has brought the sport to over 100,000 people at iconic locations and high footfall areas such as Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland, Babington House in England, the World Expo in Dubai, Kuwait University, the Gothia Cup in Sweden, Europe’s largest shopping centre Westfield London and a ship off Kuwait City in the Persian Gulf. 

The new Versacourt pickleball and multi sport flooring solution 

Pickleball Performance

Modular Court Tile

Pickleball Performance by VersaCourt has been designed to ensure high- performing ball bounce for each dink. Our innovative tile design, unique six-point locking system and PlayRight™ technology ensures a seamless and comfortable playing surface. Up your practice, play and performance when you bring the fun home to your family and community with this game-changing modular pickleball tile.

Versacourt’s Pickleball Performance will be on display at the upcoming inaugural RacquetX Conference taking place in Miami from March 24th – 26th 2024. 


About Instantpadel

Instantpadel launched in 2021 as an innovative enabler of padel with the launch of a world unique, modular mobile padel court that doesn’t require any groundwork. Offering an attractive alternative to permanent padel court construction, Instantpadel operates across 17 countries and has been able to bring padel to over 100,000 people in high footfall areas and iconic locations including Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland, the World Expo in Dubai and Europe’s largest shopping centre Westfield London. The cost-efficient, flexible padel solution has adjustable panels that can handle uneven ground. With robust construction and polycarbonate instead of glass, the court weighs just one third the weight of a traditional court.

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