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Please read our sup-page Instantpadel Court. There you can read about the differences.


Also, see our 3D viewer. CLICK HERE
One of the unique features of this court is that it can be easily moved. When / if you want to move on the court, you can either hire our experienced team or that we train you and your team, to be responsible for the move on your own court. If you want to dismantle the floor on your own, you can buy a tool from VersaCourt that will make it more easy.

Documentation for construction companies:

The customer must provide the correct type of surface when installing the Instantpadel court. The surface needs to be a rock hard surface. Examples are hard packed leveled gravel surfaces, different types of indoor floors, asphalt or concrete. The evenness needs to be a maximum of 5 mm level deviation measured on a 5 m straight plate. The recommended area for setting up a Instantpadel court is 300 sqm, the outer dimensions of an Instantpadel court are 22.64 m x 12.64 m. The preparatory surface must 23 m x 13 m during installation Unless otherwise agreed. Geo textile class N2 or a 3mm flat rubber (Recommends) mat needs to be used between the surface and the floor.

When installed directly on an existing gravel surface, the material thickness does not have to be less than 250mm. 

If the surface consists of a green surface e.g. lawn, it requires a substructure consisting of crushing material “joint crush 0-32” thickness min 200 mm which is leveled with a surface layer of “stone flour 0-8”, thickness approx. 30 mm. Before laying gravel material, the turf is cut down to a minimum and a geo textile class N2 is rolled out over the surface, as a material-separating layer between grass turf and laid gravel material. 

** Always consult with your local construction company to know your conditions.

The floor is not artificial grass, but we have chosen the world-leading sports floor from VersaCourt, a plastic floor that is easy to install and does not require major maintenance. The VersaCourt floor has a 5 year guarantee!
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Our panels have a polycarbonate glass. Polycarbonate (PC) is a transparent thermoplastic with exceptional durability.


The glasses are also UV protected. The thickness of our glass is 10 mm.


Yes! Lighting can be ordered separately. The height of the lights are 5.5 meters from the ground.
Please view our 3D model here to see all close: CLICK HERE
Yes! It can be ordered separately.
Have a more close look at our 3D showroom HERE
Assembly can be included if you as a customer dont want to mount by yourself!
*Assembly is not included in rental.

Yes! A portable net is always included in our prices.

We can include transport in our prices. Send an request HERE to see your price

The dimensions of an Instantpadel court are as follows.

Double court

Inner dimensions: 20 × 10 meters

Outer dimensions: 22.64 x 12.64 meters

Singel court

Inner dimensions: 20 × 6 meters

Outer dimensions: 22.64 x 8.64 meters

The buyer must arrange a forklift to unload wagons / pallets from the truck upon delivery. The forklift must have “forks” that are at least 250 cm long and the forklift must be able to lift at least 3 tons. Both the wagons for the court and the pallets with the floor must be placed next to the installation site.

The Instantpadel court consists of 50x50x2 and 45x45x2 cold galvanized steel pipe, young lacquered and with 10 mm thick transparent polycarbonate secured with stainless steel screws.

Construction: 2 years
Color: 1 years
Network: 1 year
Floor: 5 years
Lamps: 5 years

NOTE: Please note that this does NOT cover damage caused by accident, improper installation or disassembly, improper care, negligence, misuse, abnormal wear, suitability for use, acts of God or any other cause that does not occur due to defects in materials or workmanship. of the components. Replacement of floor tiles provided by VersaCourt does not include covering the work to complete the work. Shipping is paid by VersaCourt (The Floor) during the warranty period.

Yes! The court handles indoor as well as outdoor climate as well. The cold galvanized steel construction makes it possible. The VersaCourt floor is suitable to be used in any climate.

The court weighs from approximately 3,94 ton – 4,1 ton depending on if the court has doors and/or a light system

Instantpadel court are in compliance with the requirements of the directives:

• Regulations of the International Padel Federation (FIP).
• NIDE standards of the Higher Sports Council of the Government of Spain.

Likewise, it is declared that all the materials used to manufacture our padel courts,
which are affected by European harmonized standards, have their corresponding
CE marking provided by their manufacturer.

Galvanized steel of the highest quality and an extraordinary process for our painting make our rust protection unique. If you are going to have an outdoor court, our outstanding rust protection is superior. Our Nordic climate puts safety to the test. Our courts stand up for everything.

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