Playing padel perfectly on a hard court floor. Excellent ball bounce and perfect grip.

Quality and durability are decisive factors in the Instantpadel choice for this hard court surface. The modular sports panels are resistant to discoloring, humidity, mold formation and bacteria. Cold, heat and extreme temperature variations also have no influence on them. The surface is UV-resistant and anti-static. The special upper layer ensures a quick-drying surface no matter how hard the downpour has been.

The hard plastic panels can handle extreme usage of the court.

The floor, which measures 200 m², is a portable plastic floor. Delivered by world-leading VersaCourt. The floor is approved for international competitions by, among others, the International Tennis Federation.


VersaCourt tiles are molded from a specially blended high impact Copolymer Polypropylene that protects against fracturing during intensive play, while UV stabilizer and anti-oxidant additives are included to defend against color fade and tile deterioration.

Our revolutionary interlocking mechanism uses six locking points on each tile. These six separate locking points click together easily and keep the tile flat, preventing any tiles from turning or curling up.

Exhaustive research and development has led to the discovery that 10” x 10” is the optimal size tile for peak performance. VersaCourt’s innovative design offers one of the most consistent playing surfaces on the market, allowing for incredible ball response and unmatched playability.

Reverse Spring Tension expansion joints and a spring-tabbing mechanism allow for slight side-to-side movement between the tile. This movement plus a gentle vertical flex provides forgiveness for players’ lower backs, knees, and joints.

5 Years Warranty

Game Outdoor courts are backed by our 5 year warranty, ensuring that VersaCourt customers will be provided with court systems that they will be able to enjoy for decades to come.

Customizable Options

VersaCourt systems can be configured using a wide selection of different tile color options, as well as customizable game lines, logos and graphics. Custom color options are also available upon request.

Open Grid Design

Puddles are no longer a concern. Our court tiles are constructed from an open grid design that allows the court to drain and dry quickly.

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