Instantpadel Court



The difference between an Instantpadel court and a traditional padel court.

Our innovators mindset has made Padel courts flexible and smart.

Polycarbonate instead of glass

Unbreakable and only 1/3 of the weight of traditionally used glass limits the need for costly groundwork. The height of the back wall is 3.5 meters high compared to 4 meters, but does not affect the game in any way.

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Sport floor instead of artificial turf

Highly flexible and durable hardcourt surface. Resistant to discoloring, humidity, mold formation and bacteria.

Click setup

Our core patent. Simple, flexible, durable, and highly cost-efficient. No more need to bolt the court to the ground.

No Groundwork needed

Instantpadel court can easily be moved if needed, opening new locations otherwise not feasible and hence new revenue for operators.

Instantpadel installation
Mounted in 6-8 hours

With the help of a patented click-system and strengthening support legs a court is mounted in only 4-8 hours.

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Many use cases

Instantpadel can be used indoors and outdoors. Both single and double courts are possible in the same base kit.

The difference between an Instantpadel court and a traditional padel court.

With the help of a simple click system and strengthening support legs, the court unique construction does not need to be bolted to the ground.

The main reason for choosing our type of court is that you avoid major ground work (sometimes no ground work) or you need to be able to mount down and up the court after, for example, a season or that you only have the ground for a temporary period.

In order to enable flexibility, we have changed 3 parts from other court types, which also leads to our court type only weighing 3.9 tonnes versus 8-10 tonnes.

Instantpadel has been played and tested on over 100 000 people where none of these feel that the changes that have been made below affect the gaming experience in any form.

  1. The floor is not artificial grass, but we have chosen the world-leading sports floor from VersaCourt, a plastic floor that is easy to install and does not require major maintenance. The VersaCourt floor has a 15-year guarantee!
  2. Instead of 10 mm glass panels that weigh about 250 kg / panel, we have chosen panels with 10 mm polycarbonate, which means that our panels only weigh 80 kg, which means that our court type does not require any major ground work. Polycarbonate is also an unbreakable material, which many people think is good, especially when installing outdoor courts.
  3. The height of the back wall is 3.5 meters high compared to 4 meters on other types of courts This adjustment was made to maintain the functionality during up and down assembly but does not affect the game in any way.

Quick facts about Instantpadel courts

Instantpadel has developed a world-unique mobile padel court that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. With the help of a simple click system and strengthening support legs, the track is mounted in 6-8 hours. The floor is a VersaCourt floor, a multisport floor that is currently used in e.g. tennis, basketball and floorball.


The CE marking means that all material with which the court is environmentally friendly. Our courts will be in the same safe condition year in and year out without you worrying about changes in the design. The CE approval is for your security.


We are very confident with the quality of our courts. We offer 5 years full warranty on the floor from VersaCourt. Contact us for more information about our warranty.

Rust Protected

Galvanized steel of the highest quality and an extraordinary process for our painting make our rust protection unique. If you are going to have an outdoor court, our outstanding rust protection is superior. Our Nordic climate puts safety to the test. Our courts stand up for everything.

The Court

To ensure the quality of the product, Instantpadel has hired the renowned Spanish padel court architect Fernando Cancuas Liopis. Senor Liopis is chief architect and co-owner of Alicante-based Padelcourt Deluxe. Padel court deluxe's hallmark is to combine design, exclusivity, quality and function at the very highest level.

Instantpadel works both for double (20x10m) and singel court (20x6m). Given our unique construction, the size of the court can also be more adjusted depending on the venue / location and purpose etc.

Our panels is polycarbonate glass. Polycarbonate (PC) is a transparent thermoplastic with exceptional durability. The glasses are also UV protected. The thickness of our glass is 10 mm and are secured with flushing screws (plastic washer and lock nut).

The floor is a portable plastic floor. Delivered by world-leading VersaCourt. The floor is approved for international competitions by, among others, the International Tennis Federation.


The entire court construction, including nets, is delivered in 2 wagons to be easily moved to the desired location. In total, the court weighs about 3.9 ton. The packaging makes it easy to use the Instantpadel track for eg road shows and other types of temporary events.

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