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A world-unique Modular Padel Court Construction that is cost effective and easy to install.

Unique modular system

Hear what the pros say about Instantpadel!

For Sports Clubs

Padel is a breath of fresh air that is revitalizing clubs with an activity complimentary to tennis. Our Instantpadel courts can be installed at any sports club.

For Hospitality and Real Estate

Add value for your visitors or your real estate, making use of our modular padel courts. Making use of the popularity of padel, you can increase your attendance or value.

For Events

Our Instantpadel courts are easy to install and easy to disassemble. Within four to six hours, the courts can go up without major groundworks. This allows padel to be played on any location in the world.

For Parking Lots

Instantpadel is enabling padel everywhere turning ‘dead areas’ into something amazing. Parking lots are turning into padel playing areas.

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"Padel Social Club were delighted to bring the first 4 Instant Padel courts to the UK with two each at Babington House and Gleneagles respectively. They’ve been thoroughly enjoyed by us, all members and hotel guests, and have been a great solution to bring Padel to the respective properties quickly and with reduced groundworks costs. We also look forward to using Instant Padel courts for some exciting London pop up Padel activations in the near future."

Examples of how clients have used Instantpadel

All Instantpadel owners see the benefits to have a smart, easy, accessible padel court that can easily be mounted without heavy ground construction. 

Instantpadel clients are municipals, schools, real estates, large hotel chains, a variety of season focussed business, tennis arenas, hockey arenas and other locations such as camping, event firms and more. 

Instantpadel court wows Westfield London

InstantPadel together with Game4padel and Andy Murray and other legendary sports icons brought padel to Europe’s largest retail destination; Central Atrium at Westfield London.

What our clients think:

Oskar BjersCEO and his colleagues
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The court was really good and the surface gives the ball a better spin. After 2 minutes, you forget that you are playing on another surface and it is like a normal game.
Patrik AnderssonBusiness developer, Serneke. (Also former professional soccerplayer where he finished his international career in Barcelona FC)
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”Playing instantpadel court was a pure joy! The game experience is the same as any other courts and I truly loved playing on the versacourt floor”
Johan HanssonFounder and CEO worldwide padel
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Instantpadel have found a great solution to make padel more accessible to all players out there. The Instantpadel court is of great quality and I really love the concept
Michael NilssonBusiness developer SBB Nordic
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Instantpadel courts is a great Initiative giving us the opportunity to use unique places near living areas as well as School and other unique areas to make padel more accessible
Olle HåkanssonOwner Padelunited
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Instantpadel is a fantastic concept making padel accessible to everyone and everywhere
Olli PatronenOwner of Lunda Padel
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Thanks to the flexibility of the Instantpadel courses, we can make this investment. We are very satisfied and recommend them as a supplier.
Viktor AnderssonExpert,
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The ball bounce and the game feeling were above expectations. Viktor also said that the floor gave the ball a good speed which made the game more fun.
Erik AnderssonCEO, padeltotal, Northern largest Padelcourt supplier
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Right when I heard about Instantpadel, I thought it sounded absolutely brilliant. We are very happy about this collaboration and we look forward to getting started ", says Erik Andersson and continues: We see a completely new market opening up. Buying or renting an Instantpadel course has many benefits. You avoid major ground work, you can move the track as needed. Instantpadel is primarily for those who want the opportunity to mount up and down a course seasonally, such as hotels and restaurants or other seasonal activities
Jon WilliamsChairman of Torquay Tennis Club
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Last September our committee made the decision to rent a Pop Up Padel Court from Hexa Padel having explored various options. We are extremely pleased with our decision and the positive impact it has had on our Tennis Club! Since installing our Padel Court 3 months ago, we have had over 65 new members join our club (a 20% increase in our overall membership) on our new Batz membership which includes Padel Tennis and Pickleball! The new members are engaged and dynamic and having a Padel Court has given our Club a huge boost. Despite the terrible weather since October the court has also been booked regularly each day and is very busy in the evenings and weekends particularly. We have made the court charges affordable and members have embraced this new sport to our club. We now have no less than five active Box leagues for members of all abilities and ages and some great competitive matches are being enjoyed.

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Instantpadel is a very smart solution that saves thousands of euros in ground construction for those that can’t or that don’t want to install a traditional padel court with heavy as well as costly construction.

Patented logo: Complete patent of the court
International padel federation logo: Regulations of the International Paddle Federation (FIP)
CE approved logo: All the materials used to manufacture our padel courts, which are affected by European harmonized standards, have their corresponding CE marking provided by their manufacturer.
GOBIERNO DE ESPANA logo: NIDE standards of the Higher Sports Council of the Government of Spain.
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